The beginnings

Vegan restaurant Tel Aviv Food & Wine was established in 2010. In this time Poznańska street, today known as the entertainment and restaurant hub, was completely empty. We have set up a new trend opening here niche bistro, know in those times as Tel Aviv Deli & Cafè. Colored walls, adorning them pictures of the panorama of Tel Aviv and old furnitures made our guests feel casually trying our specialties straight from the Israeli street food.

Tel Aviv Café & Deli
Tel Aviv Café & Deli
Tel Aviv Café & Deli
Tel Aviv Café & Deli









Tel Aviv is a place which was founded with the joy and fascination. Fascination with the real Tel Aviv – one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Tel Aviv is a multicultural melting pot. Everyone feels there good, because everyone is different, but no one feel as a stranger. I wanted to create similar place here, that everyone who comes feel great, feel a guest, fell accepted – confesses Malka Kafka, owner and founder of the restaurant.

Our cuisine

People who create team of the vegan restaurant Tel Aviv Food & Wine are deeply involved in a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

We buy less, but smarter. Fashion, design, and even the food are for us a matter of worldview.

Establishing the restaurant we decided that in our kitchen there will be no place for any component of animal orgin. Over the years we matured, deepening out knowledge about healthy eating. We have identified a number of substances which are commonly eaten, but are really unhealthy. We changed our lives eliminating from them gluten and sugar. We came to the conclusion that we need to change the menu of Tel Aviv Food & Wine in the same way. Otherwise we would feel unethical – we do not want to serve our guests products deemed unhealthy. As a result, we are one of the few restaurants in Warsaw offering gluten-free and sugar-free vegan fine dining meals.


We are becoming more mature and with us our cuisine is changing. We are changing for better, moving away from the street food style towards vegan fine dining. We want our guests to eat meals of the highest quality – healthy, sophisticated and beautifully presented. Feel invited to acknowledge yourself with our current menu – we change it seasonally providing varied taste sensations.

Tel Aviv Food & Wine
Tel Aviv Food & Wine

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